A Word from the Editors

Our one-year issue has arrived (we can’t believe it either)! We have come a long way from sitting in a restaurant, sipping miso soup, and talking about our shared dream of creating a publication to promote up-and-coming writers/photographers. We are beyond thrilled to have experienced a full cycle of issues and collaborated with such gracious people as Rebecca Ho-Dion, Terry Lau, and Luke Lopez. We also feel so lucky to have been introduced to some seriously talented writers and photographers.

Before launching our first issue, we struggled with the decision to make Origami Journal a digital publication. We kept going back and forth between print and online mediums, and couldn’t be more satisfied with our choice. Being part of the online global community has given us an incredible opportunity to find and share stories and photography from around the world. And, although we haven’t met all our writers and photographers in person, we feel so connected to each and every contributor. Really, we  do. Sharing work that is precious to you isn’t easy, and we are thankful that you’ve trusted us enough to share it. We feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to expose your beautiful, moving, and powerful creations on a global level.  For our one-year anniversary, we would like to dedicate the Spring 2014 issue to all of our contributors.

Thank you for your words, lenses, creativity, and support. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Onward and upward for 2014. Happy creating.