Origami Journal acquires First World Electronic (Online/Internet) Rights: a one time, non-exclusive use of Electronic Rights, with all rights reverting to the author and/or photographer upon publication. Please note that work appearing in Origami Journal is permanently available online in our archives for public reference. We also ask our authors and/or photographers to grant Origami Journal Anthology Rights for future collections. We expect authors and/or photographers to follow proper publishing protocol. This means, with the exception of anthologies and collections, a piece of work should not appear in more than one electronic publication, just as it should not appear in more than one print publication. If an author and/or photographer does choose to re-publish work elsewhere (beyond personal websites for business promotion) in print or on the web, we ask that Origami Journal be credited as the original publisher.

All stories and photographs on Origami Journal are the sole property of their creators unless otherwise noted. No stories or image on the site may be used in anyway without permission of the copyright owner. For contact information, please either email us at or visit the links provided with the creator’s name.



Prior to publication, all stories are edited to ensure consistency and quality of material. Authors will have an opportunity to review any major editing changes before their pieces are published. Minor changes that include grammar, punctuation, and spelling will not be sent for author review.

It is important to note that any pieces accepted cannot be revised after acceptance. We select pieces based on quality and content and believe your work to be solid upon acceptance of submission. No need for second thoughts.


As noted in our submissions section, we require all photographs to be of at least 300 dpi quality. If you submit lower resolution samples and are selected for publication, we will ask you to send higher quality images. If you are unable to do so, we unfortunately will not be able to run your work. We want to make Origami as good as it can be, and using lesser quality photographs will detract from the other work displayed.

If photos feature discernible people, they must be accompanied by signed consent forms by those who are in the photographs.

We may choose not to use all of the photographs submitted by one artist. If we feel certain photos may work better than all photos, even in a series, we will only publish those selected. This is due to spatial limitations and to maintain the flow and consistency of each issue.