A Word from the Editors

It’s like clockwork. Whenever December rolls around, we reflect on the year and anticipate the New Year ahead.

2016 is no exception. In fact, it has been quite a monumental year.

2016 is the year that amplified the political landscape in the US, lost two music icons, David Bowie and Prince, and magnified the significance of climate change through several initiatives including the Paris Climate Agreement and Leonardo DiCaprio’s pivotal film, Before The Flood.

2016 is the year that challenged many people to practice even more empathy, compassion, and philanthropy amidst acts of terror and racism.

2016 is a year that pushed us to question mainstream thinking and unite to build a better, safer world.

2016 will soon be a memory and we will be faced with another year to (ideally) grow and develop as better humans.

As 2016 comes to an end, we would like to thank you all for continuing to create beauty within your stories and photography, in a world that is constantly trying to take beauty away.

Before we know it, we will be reflecting on yet another year, hoping we will be even better at the end of it.

It’s like clockwork.

Best wishes for a happy, safe, and beautiful 2017.